Narvon Cotton Candy Slushy 4.5:1 Concentrate 1 Gallon


Narvon Cotton Candy Slushy 4.5:1 Concentrate 1 Gallon


  • Nostalgic, sweet flavor of freshly spun cotton candy
  • Combine 1 part concentrate with 4.5 parts water
  • Easy preparation and bulk supply
  • Best used in a non-carbonated frozen granita or slushy machine
  • 1 gallon yields approximately (44) 16 oz. slushies

Product Details

This premium syrup gives you an easy and convenient way to create mouthwatering slushies for your convenience store, restaurant, bar, or movie theater. Featuring an eye-catching color that helps to promote impulse buys, this slushy 4.5:1 concentrate is bursting with nostalgic cotton candy flavor that your customers are sure to love!

  • Made in America

    Made in America

    This item was made in the United States of America.


  • Concentration Type Slushy & Granita
  • Features Made in America
  • Flavor Cotton Candy
  • Flavor Type Confections & Desserts
  • Package Size 1 gal.
  • Package Type Bottles
  • Product Type Concessions and Snacks
  • Style Gallon Containers
  • Type Slushy & Granita

High Yield

Each 1 gallon of syrup yields approximately (44) 16 oz. prepared slushies, proving you with an ample supply at an amazing value. You can even mix and match this syrup with other flavors to create your own signature slushies, or add the liquor of your choice to create a refreshing adult slushy!

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Easy to Prepare

To prepare delicious cotton candy slushies, simply combine 1 part syrup with 4.5 parts water in a slushy or granita machine and follow your machine's instructions for freezing time. For tasty frozen adult beverages, combine 1 part flavored slushy syrup with 4 parts water and 1 part alcohol (40% abv) before freezing in your slushy or granita machine.

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Make a Profit on Your First Batch

  • Cost per container $12.99*
  • Servings per container (44) 16 oz. servings
  • Cost per serving $0.30
  • Additional materials $0.15
  • Total cost per serving $0.45
  • Recommended sell price $4.99
  • Profit per serving: $4.54
  • Profit per container: $199.97
*Pricing and yield may vary

Trusted Brand

Offering quality beverage equipment and supplies, Narvon provides you with the options you need at the prices you want. Narvon's assortment of products - from slushy syrups to slushy or granita machines - is sure to keep your establishment in full operation and make bulk preparation simple. Look to Narvon as a brand you can trust for your beverage solutions!

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Customer Q&A

An Italian ice, also known as a water ice, is very smooth and its flavoring is mixed into the ice before or during freezing. A slushy, also known as an Icee or granita, typically comes in icy liquid form, and the flavor is added before the freezing process.

For a crunchier product, snow cones use larger, shaved ice, that is generally flavored at the point of sale.

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